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You’ve heard of cryptocurrency. You think it’s a total scam, or not. Either way is fine. I’m not trying to convince you to invest in anything.

But cryptocurrency’s underlying technology, the blockchain, is truly transformative. Like in the same way the internet was transformative. And if we apply blockchain along with crypto, Web3, and other digital technologies to our cities and government processes, we can have more trustworthy, more efficient, more participatory form of government. And a better place to live.

If you are interested in exploring these concepts and how they might actually be applied to cities today - then you’re in the right place.

What You’ll Get

Occasional articles - about once a month - that focus on the specifics of what it means to live in and govern a crypto city. Topics might include voting systems, community participation in governance, CityDAO, and how the provision of government services might be different. No matter the topic, the goal is to be as specific as possible. So for example; quadratic voting in crypto cities? This newsletter won’t spend a lot of time describing what quadratic voting is, but rather how it might actually be applied in a city. What would an actual vote look like? What are some of the specific questions in implementation? Things like that. The more specific the better.

About the Author

Crypto Cities is written by me, Nicholas Bonard. I’ve worked 10 years and counting in federal and local governments as a city planner and regulator protecting natural and other public resources.

I still have a lot to learn - in government and crypto - but I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to run a traditional city, especially when it comes to real estate development and planning. I’ve been involved in crafting regulations, reviewing building permits, developing the software by which government employees review those permits, creating urban planning master plans, working with residents, managing government databases, managing public goods (like groundwater, wetlands, and public space), building public infrastructure, and figuring out how to fund it all. Sorry for the laundry list, but like I mentioned above, I’m big on specifics. Hopefully that helps you get a better sense of my experience and where I’m coming from.

I’m currently learning and thinking about longtermism, governance/voting systems, cities, blockchain, and public goods. All views are my own.

You can find me on twitter, on the CityDAO Discord @Nick123 or at nicholas.bonard.eth.

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Nicholas Bonard

10+ years in federal & local government as a city planner and regulator protecting natural resources. Currently learning and thinking about longtermism, governance systems, cities, blockchain, and public goods. Views my own.